See the Future of LC-MS at #ASMSATL

If you are in Atlanta for the annual ASMS conference next week – and we think you should! – be sure not to miss the following events and contributions!

  • Revolutionary Low-Flow HPLC is on display at our booth no. 709 – see the integrated LC-MS front-end we’ve been working on lately, and which everyone is talking about!
    Zirconium CUBE
  • See our corporate poster (CP42) – and take a copy home – if you are interested in innovative approaches which improve the power of separation – and leverage the integration of the best low-flow HPLC pumps and the most innovative autosampler in existence.
    ASMS 2019 Prolab Corporate Poster
  • The Future of LC-MS is what we will talk about at the Breakfast Meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 – 8:15 am – hosted by our friends at New Objective. Do not miss our presentation on Wednesday, when we will talk about integrated solutions that minimize dead volumes, cycle time, retention time CV, carryover – and also the time it it takes from unboxing the LC system to seeing the first peaks from your mass spec!
    Zirconium Software
  • We are happy and proud that our friends from New Objective will be presenting our Zirconium LC-MS Front-End at their booth no. 324 as a part of our shared bigger vision – The Future of LC-MS! Be sure to visit their booth as well!
    New Objective picoChip
  • Capitalizing on the separation power of Zirconium HPLC pumps, Sound Analytics developed their own highly integrated Platform for Trap-and-Elute Microflow LC-MS/MS. Be sure to check out their poster (WP247)!
    Sound Analytics LS-1
  • Bruker will show their own excellent integrated solution based on a Prolab Zirconium pump, nanoElute, at their Hospitality Suite. Go and ask them about it!
  • Also, if you are looking for more reference data from Zirconium pumps, there are a lot of posters on display which make use of Bruker’s nanoElute nano-LC system. Just enter “nanoElute” as a search term in the ASMS conference planner, and you will have plenty to read!

In any case – we are looking forward to seeing you, old and new contacts. If you cannot find us at booth 709, please drop us a line and we will find a time and place to meet!